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  • From: "Exit Doors are wide open for Business Owners"
    In spite of some signs of an expected slow down in the overall economy in 2008, the M&A market looks to continue strong. The exit doors are opening wider for mid-market sized businesses. <more>
  • From: "Ten Ways that Make it Easy for the Buyer to Buy":
    In my twenty six years of selling businesses I continue to be amazed at how sellers unintentionally make the due-diligence process difficult for buyers. The buyer needs to make sure that what the seller is representing for sale is truly what is being acquired. <more>
  • From: "Why Deals Fail to Close":

    You hit it off with an interested Buyer, you have accepted a letter of intent, and now you are going through due diligence. Without the assistance of an experienced Intermediary you may damage the good relationship you have with your Buyer and the deal will be jeopardized. Deals fail to close for many reasons. <more>


M&A Wisdom

  • Business was originated to produce happiness, not pile up millions - B.C. FORBES
  • Never promise more that you can Perform - PUBLILIUS SYRUS
  • All heiresses are beautiful - JOHN DRYDEN
  • If you do not risk anything, you risk even more - ERICA JONG
  • Therefore I revised my strategy and tried to buy good businesses at fair prices rather than fair businesses at good prices - WARREN BUFFET
  • Just as there are windows to start a company, then there are windows to cash out - LEO HELZEL
  • When you know its time to sell its probably too late to get the best price and terms - LEO HELZEL

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  • December 2015
    Conservation Easement
    The Tax Court held that an examiner properly assigned penalties. In the case there was a husband and wife (taxpayers), an examiner, and a plot of land involved. In 2007, the taxpayers donated a parcel of land with the intention of taking advantage of a charitable deduction under a conservation reserve program or CRP. The land was donated to the Colorado Natural Land Trust. They claimed the value of the land was 1.4 million dollars and took part of the deduction in 2007. The remainder was rolled over in 2008, 2009, and 2010 when it was finally used up.
    In 2011 the taxpayers were sent a report that the donation did not satisfy the legal requirements for a charitable deduction and also, the value of the land was not $1.4 million. The actual value was more like zero.
    However, by trial all the facts had been stipulated and the value of the parcel was stipulated at $80,000. What was at issue was whether the 40% penalty was appropriate given that the initial determination done by the examiner was for 20%. The court found that the Internal Revenue Code Section 6662(h) did not require the 40% determination on the “initial determination”. The verbiage was common language and not a statutory requirement.
    Editor’s Comment:¬† This was a remarkable job by an attorney on his client’s behalf and I believe this case will go further. Recently, the penalties that the IRS can dish out are much harsher than what they previously had and taxpayer’s need a victory. On the other hand, this whole thing could have been avoided had the taxpayers gotten a fair appraisal and worked within the letter of the law to get the deduction. We will see where this goes.

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